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Limited Company OR Umbrella Company


An umbrella company is a company that acts as an employer who works under a fixed term contract assignment. They deal with the administrative side of things, specifically things relating to payroll and tax. When you get paid, the money will be collected by your umbrella company who will deduct income tax, National Insurance contributions (as well as their fee), and pass the remainder onto you.

The work of an Umbrella Company involves issuing of invoices to the recruitment agency (or client) and on payment of the invoice, ensure that the contractor is paid through PAYE the said amount along with the added benefits of offsetting some of the income through claimant of expenses such as travel, meals and accommodation.


An organisation that is set-up to run your business is called a Limited Company. Limited companies have their own legal identity so that they can own assets in their own right while remaining responsible for their own income and outgoings.


1.Limited Company’s finances are separate to your personal finances.

2.Profits made by Limited Companies are its own.

3.Director a Limited Company is regarded as its employee and entitled to a monthly salary like other employees.

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